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Imagine having the confidence and intuitive knowledge throughout your body and womb without the feeling of stress and lack of control on your fertility journey. 


During my fertility struggles, Susan's teachings were able to keep me calm through the guided breathing exercises and meditations. During my cycles, the constant doctor visits, and demanding job, I do believe these tools allowed me to stay centered. 

~ Lauren, Coconut Grove, FL

Wherever you are on your journey to motherhood, YOU are the only one that intuitively knows what’s best for you and your womb. Yoga for Fertility has been one of the most complimentary methods to infertility. 

Fertility Yoga specifically focuses on stimulating, nourishing, and cleansing your reproductive organs with fresh blood through grounding and heart/hip opening poses, stress and negative release with pranayama and guided meditations, understanding your moon cycle, and so much more. This is a magical time to release stress and embrace your true Goddess Momma self.


I am here to guide you towards reactivating the Goddess Momma within you through specific fertility focused yoga poses, meditations, and pranayama videos. 




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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options and advice from blogs, doctors, and loved ones on YOUR fertility path?
You know that space you fall into way too often?  That space of lower vibrational moments such as sadness, overwhelmed, confused, depressed, angry, envy.
How would it feel to trust yourself completely and to surrender to this journey?
It takes patience, quietness to listen, and self-love to find that space you need to hold for yourself and unborn baby.
It does not matter now how you will have your precious, beautiful, healthy child. You will have a child. What’s most important is connecting and knowing yourself and what ultimately feels right for YOU. The outcome of how that happens may look different than you originally planned.
Don’t you want to ultimately bring your child into this world through love?
Are you ready to shift your heart and womb into a higher vibration of love?
For some reason, I and so many other beautiful women are going through the struggle of trying to conceive (TTC), which has doubled over the past 20 years.
Or maybe you are just starting out and overwhelmed by all the information.
No matter where you are on your fertility journey --- the Goddess Momma Yoga Bundle guides you towards the divine mother you know you are destined to be.



Here’s what’s inside:

Designed for beginner yogis to advanced.



2 fertility focused yoga classes

4 menstrual cycle inspired yoga classes designed for each part of your cycle

1 guided pranayama video with a handful of fertility focused breathing exercises

1 meditation audio filled with guided and visualization meditations

Here's what you will gain:



A Spiritual Foundation

A deeper connection with your heart & womb

Learn more about your lady parts

Become more in tune with your menstrual cycle

Listen to your intuition

Stand in your power

Create more confidence in your journey to motherhood



As I was navigating through my own fertility journey, I noticed I was missing something. I was consumed in what my fertility doctor was telling me and what my friends who went through their own struggles were advising me to do. Not to mention the black hole of Google. I felt like, I stepped
out of my body and literally handed it over to the “ones” who seemed to have all the answers.
Everyone’s telling you to do one thing but you intuitively know better. For example, I knew after one round of IVF it was not the way for me. But, I was so emotional, desperate, and consumed in statistics that I jumped into my second round of IVF immediately following the first. No time to sit with my feelings, do more research, yoga, journal. It was like I was at war and there is NO F&*cking Way the other side was going to win. I’m in this to Win!
What??? Okay, Susan. And who are you at war with? The fertility doctor? Society? Your eggs? Who?
Round 2 failed. But, not with a big fight! I was so wacked up on hormones and yearning my affirmations of, “I am fertile, My eggs are healthy,” that I was coming from the wrong place.
I am not saying IVF does not work, or it’s not the right way for you. I personally know the awesomeness behind IVF, heck that is why I did it.
But, for me...the person who I am, I needed to come back to my heart and listen to my body. She did not want IVF anymore and she stood her ground!
When you have the confidence, power, and belief in yourself, you will be able to ride this journey with strength, peace, and a smile! You need love for yourself to go through this journey. Otherwise, the sadness can be overwhelming. To come from this place, it is called surrender.

I created something for you that supports your heart, womb, and you.
So, since I have already begun the process and can see the huge amount of change within myself, and have lived through many others fabulous outcomes I thought why not share my findings and make life easier for my sisters out there.  

My intention is to guide you back into your beautiful body

I want you to make changes more profound than you've ever dreamed possible for yourself by guiding you towards the divine mother you know you are destined to be. By dealing with your infertility with an open heart and mind, releasing negative thoughts, creating a healthier you and anything else that might be stuck in the way, you will be on a healthier ride to becoming a momma. That feeling of freedom, that feeling of connection, self-love and trust that you WILL get pregnant, is available to you right now!

By learning and loving your body and mind, you will be in alignment with your true self, what your body needs and desires to be healthier, which in turn can create space for your unborn baby. 

Want to get deeper?
Lets CHAT 
to see if this is the right step on your fertility journey…

It’s time!

You are a Goddess Momma!

Learn to feel and be in touch with YOUR body.

Think about it, what have you been through lately?

Where do you want to be in six months? 

If you don’t commit to your self now,

where will you be in one year?


Mudra Meditation

Yoga  Props

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"You belong among the wildflowers.

You belong in a boat out at sea.

Sail away, kill off the hours. 

you belong somewhere you feel


~ Tom Petty






”I just finished my ritual, I’m completely obsessed. I was craving the Kundalini Kriya when I woke up. I was able to do it for six minutes today! Thank you so much Susan!” ~ Kayla

Goddess Momma Healing Package 




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