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Give Passion the Middle Finger

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for your perspective on PASSION!

Read this...

"...I am against the preaching of passion. I don't believe in telling people, "all you need to do is follow your passion, and everything will be fine." I think this can be unhelpful and even cruel suggestion at times. ...it can be an unnecessary piece of advice because if someone has a clear passion, odds are they're already following it and they don't need anyone to tell them to pursue it. But a lot of people don't know exactly what their passion is...which can leave them feeling confused and blocked and insecure." Elizabeth states that when she's not actively inspired or passionate about anything, she still keeps working steadily because she trusts the creativity is always trying to find her, even when she has lost sight of it. And, she believes curiosity is the secret.

You can be curious about something and feed the curiosity which can then turn into a passion. Curiosity is smooth and tangible. Passion can cause you to quit your job and move to Bali. Curiosity can take you on a journey of clues. Trust it. Keep hunting the clues. It might turn into the "thing" or it might not turn into anything. Either way, it allows you to explore, create, learn, live a life of creativity, spirituality, and COLOR!

So, my friends, I hope this different perspective on passion got you feeling better about your self. We all go through the funk that our life is unpurposeful and passionless. I sure do!

Close your eyes for a moment and on your inhale lift your shoulders up, breathe deep. Exhale through your mouth, drop your shoulders down and let that little bit of curiosity about (insert here) be your first clue. Ya never know, that clue just might take you to Bali...for an actual passionate purpose.

Cheers to Elizabeth! "I also want to live the most vividly decorated temporary life that I can. I don't want to be afraid of bright colors, or new sounds, or big love, or risky decisions, or strange experiences, or weird endeavors, or sudden changes, or even failure."


I think this is a topic we need to talk about more. When you have no idea what your passion is and you see others completely immersed in their love projects, you can't help but feel shitty about yourself. I really urge you to think about what you are curious about. I am actually going to start thinking more about this myself. So, if you want to join me on this curiosity journey...let's go! Contact me here.

Love & Light,






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