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High Five Archangel Metatron!

I want to get personal with you.

For me to do my job as a fertility yoga teacher, I must keep educating myself. That’s really how it should be for any job you have, otherwise, you fall into a flatline comatose state as the world is passing you by.

Anywho, I do want to get real with you. One of my ism’s was not completely trusting myself. I 100% know that we all have the power to manifest and turn our wildest dreams into a reality. And with a tribe of loved ones and mentors/coaches, you will be the person you know you are destined to be. IF…If you trust that. If you believe that. If you can own that story. I mean, you have to believe 100%. There is no 75% or 99.9%. There can be struggles of self-doubt and insecurities, but deep down you know this shit is going to get REAL!

Well, I believed 95%. I was always just right under the full-on YES this will happen for me. I was always like, what if, I don’t know, why me, maybe, maybe not.

Living in that space causes stress and an annoying conversation you have with your best friend and/or partner on a daily basis.

This feeling is totally normal. We are human and we have an ego that like’s to play safe. Ego does not like change.

Sure, things go wrong sometimes when you trust yourself more. But they go really wrong and stay wrong when you trust yourself less. - Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

I got to that point, remember I mentioned it before, the one where, "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired." That quote tied into so many areas of my life. I can only laugh about it now.

If I could only get this extra 5% into the belief zone. I could not figure out if it was my ego or my inner guide telling me this is not what you should be doing. With that, I was beating myself up left and right. I have boxing gloves next to my altar to prove it.

So, I turned to an outer source, my healer who I knew could turn me back inward once I got the guidance I needed.

And low and behold who came into my life….

Archangel Metatron!

Yup! You knew I was going to say that right? JK. If you are new to angles and their meanings, you are exactly where I was. Angels, Spirits, Deities, I enjoy learning about all of it. I can soak it up!

So, I was open to the calling of this angel and ready for his magic.

Who is Metatron? I found this great article explaining who he is.

"He is one of the two known archangels who spent time as a human man (he was thought to be the prophet and scribe Enoch whilst here on earth) the other archangel being Archangel Sandalphon. They lived such spiritually advanced lives that they ascended into the archangel realm. He is thought to sit by God as a scribe in heaven and he also works closely with humanity to assist with communication, spiritual cleansing, writing, and spiritual knowledge.

Archangel Metatron can assist with cleansing a person of lower energies, he works with the Merkabah cube which is a sacred geometric shape. He passes it through a person’s energy field from head to toe which clears all negative energy and helps to realign your chakras.

Whenever you sense an urge to replace a negative thought with a positive one, that urge may be a sign from Metatron. Metatron is especially concerned about how people think because his work keeping the universe's records constantly shows him how people's negative thoughts lead to unhealthy choices while people's positive thoughts lead to healthy decisions."

My healer did her crystal cleansing and called on Archangle Metatron. I envisioned him as well and asked him to release my negative thoughts as I visualized my dream coming true.

This not believing wholeheartedly in your self comes back to past experiences, thoughts, your environment, etc. If you are struggling with changing this pattern why not call on Metatron!

It worked for me!!

“Be your whole self; it's your whole self that you can trust. This day, this week, this life—see what happens when you bet on yourself when you back your own play. See what happens when you let yourself fall back into your own arms, trusting that they will catch you.” Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

A little out there. But, I hope this post opened your mind to explore other possbilities on how to release your negative ways.

Love & Light,






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