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Let's Talk Patterns

Okay people, it's Feb 1st. I'm here and listening to you with my abundance of coffee. How are you feeling about this new year? Are you crushing it with your intentions you set for yourself? Has this super blood blue moon got you more excited about what's to come? Are you reading this and want to tell me to go F myself?

No hard feelings AT ALL. I totally hear you and get it. Your intentions you set are not where you want them to be (relax we just got into month two of the year) and you have slacked on the one that you have been struggling with every year.

Give me a moment to talk about...PATTERNS.

Once you become aware of your patterns, you will be able to tackle the energy around why you have been struggling with this one goal for so long. You might not even realize that a pattern is happening. Step back for a moment and look in. Are the same feelings happening? Are the same actions around this goal occuring? Are the same excuses being spoken for? Okay, we are getting somewhere. Do you see? That is a pattern. Let me explain.

I loooooove coffee! For a while now, I told myself I am going to stop drinking coffee because I should not have the caffaine intake every day and I do not want to be addicted to this wonderful liquid that brings me so much joy. With all these new drinks out, like tumeric lattes and matcha tea, I SHOULD stop pressing down on my french press every morning and blend up some matcha instead. So, I tell myself this year, just like every other year, "I am going to stop drinking coffee."

Well, how does that go every year? Same thing happens, I stop for a week or two. Then I start again. Because deep down I don't really want to quit. Deep down, I know I do not drink that much coffee to cause harm to my body. I do believe in cleanses and detoxing your system. However, to just stop because "they" say I should, is not going to work. What I am trying to say is, ask yourself why you have set this intention? Is it coming from an authentic place or is it because others are doing it and/or said you should too? Do you have an addiction and possibly need help? Is there a deep rooted memory around this intention? Your pattern could be something more than just not having will power. Stop beating yourself up and lean into what is really going on.

For me and my coffee intention, I have realized that it's more about not wanting to be addicted to anything than it is to stop drinking coffee. So, I stop for a few days then treat myself to a fabulous perfectly frothed almond milk cortado. YAY! Once I figured out the cause of not being able to keep my intention, I stopped beating myself up. Instead, I celebrate with a coffee!

Sorry to get carried away about my love for coffee, but I hope it was a good example to stop you from beating yourself up on failing on your intention. You win when you become aware of your patterns and set forth towards healthy real intentions you can conquer.

So with that, I cheers to you on your awareness.

Now let's work on breaking these patterns:

1. Become aware of the pattern

2. Find out the core to the pattern - this can take time. Be Patient. Use tools such as journaling, talking it out with a friend or coach, meditating

3. Celebrate your new awareness around this intention

I like to give myself 40 days to really step into this new intention. We have all heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit. The spiritual belief system says the next 19-20 days will bring on the new habit. That means by March you have a new intention with close to nine months left in the year to turn your dream into a reality!!! A M A Z I N G!

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