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Spring Clean YoSelf!

What do you think about when you think of, "spring cleaning?" It's usually cleaning your home, or decluttering your life. You saw an ad at your juice bar about a spring detox even though you really don't know why you would detox because you feel fine.

Is that how you feel? Fine? Just..FINE? F that! I don't want to feel fine! I want to feel freaking fabulous every freaking day of my life! Apologies for the language. But, that's how strongly I feel about explaining to you that feeling fine is fine, but feeling vibrant, alive and energized is our GOD's given gift. Think about it, if right now you are not sick, have an injury, or some life-threatening disease than there is no reason why you jumping out of bed energized is not your daily routine! Don't give me your age, or your working too much, blah blah blah. EXCUSES is all I hear.

Okay, I'll stop yelling at you. I just get really passionate about this topic.

Step 1. Awareness.

Let's take a step back and break down a few areas in your life that keep you from that child-like jump out of bed feeling.

If you answered yes to any of these statements, it's time to clean up these patterns.

Food -

Late night cookies during Netflix

Feeling tired when you wake up, even though you slept for 7-8 hours

Restaurant/take out food and alcohol almost daily

Processed foods, pasta, chips, sugar (you know what I'm talking about)

Exercise -

Never work out, it's not your thing or you are too busy

Body aches when you do work out

You wear makeup to the gym (that just annoys me)

You have not seen any results working out for quite sometime

Relationships -

You know deep in your heart its time to call it quits, but you are scared

You are holding a grudge

Your relationships put you down instead of lifting you up

All good, my friend. It's spring cleaning time for your mind, body, and spirit! This is exciting. A tweak here, a turn there and you will be ready to step into the person you know you are destined to be.

Step 2. Start with one area of your life where you actually feel somewhat excited to change. Maybe it's incorporating one yoga class a week, or cooking a healthy dinner after you finally communicated with your friend about what has been upsetting you so you then decide to treat yourself to your favorite Netflix show while eating a superfood snack! Whaaaaat? Now doesn't that sound like a whole lot of fun?!

Pretty soon you will be jumping out of bed ready to conquer the world!

“What if our religion was each other

If our practice was our life

If prayer, our words

What if the temple was the Earth

If forests were our church

If holy water—the rivers, lakes, and ocean

What if meditation was our relationships

If the teacher was life

If wisdom was self-knowledge

If love was the center of our being.” ~ Ganga White





”I just finished my ritual, I’m completely obsessed. I was craving the Kundalini Kriya when I woke up. I was able to do it for six minutes today! Thank you so much Susan!” ~ Kayla

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