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Summer Vibes

My Beautiful Goddess Momma Sisters! I miss you. I miss writing to you, talking to you, connecting with you. Throughout the summer, I have been focusing a part of my meditation for the Goddess Momma Tribe. Sending a ton of supportive, joyful, trusting, and healing energy to you all.  I hope you feel it...

How is your summer going? Have you takin a vacation? Are you spending more time with your friends? During the fertility journey, summer can be tough. Everyone is traveling to the beaches and taking ridiculously cute pictures with their babies or just feeling free and living their life like you did before your fertility journey began. 

Buuuuuuut, you know I am going to invite you to turn this sad summer into something positive and heart worthy. 

It's just not worth living in a space of negativity. I know some days can be tough to release it. Embrace those days, but don't let it take over your life. You have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. Today, I invite you to choose YOU. Yes, YOU! The beautiful being who is struggling with having a child. The beautiful being who just spoke bad about her body. The beautiful being who cried for an hour yesterday after finding out that her second attempt with IVF didn't work. 

Trust! Trust that the universe has a path for you to mommahood. Trust that your body, mind, and spirit will take you on your journey to mommahood. Trust that your spirit baby is with you and will come when he/she is ready. There is only so much YOU can do. I believe it's your spirit baby that has the answer.

Today - just let yourself be present. Open up to the sunny skies (even though it might be 100 degrees out) and let the sun glisten on your face for a few moments. Let your toes sink into Mother Earth as you place your hands on your womb with a feeling of knowing that mommahood is here for you!

Sending you so much love, support, and light!

One more thing, move your body, anyway that feels good to you. A run, dance, a spin class, yoga. If you have not checked out my free yoga classes on my website, I encourage you to give yourself some time this week and step on your mat. I have a variety of classes which focus on your fertility. 

And if you want to get deeper, my Goddess Momma Fertility Yoga Bundle is still available for $97. Check out what other tribe sisters are saying about the bundle here.

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”I just finished my ritual, I’m completely obsessed. I was craving the Kundalini Kriya when I woke up. I was able to do it for six minutes today! Thank you so much Susan!” ~ Kayla

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