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The Calm Before the Storm - How To Get Into Alignment

Lately, I feel like I am in that space of calmness in most areas of my life. I am trying my best to embrace this space because I know its about to get cray cray!

It took me a long to time, to embrace the simplicity, the quiet time. Especially, when my mind and body were consumed of a negative flow during my fertility journey. I would second guess myself and have some freakout moments during this time. Shouldn’t some drama be going on at least? I know at that time I chose to release and reset after my two failed IVF cycles, but the quietness was bringing on a new feeling of fear. Like, shouldn't I be doing something? Funny I thought that because I actually WAS doing something. Something so much better than"keeping busy" could ever do.

Simplicity is where my intuition has been telling me to go. I'm starting to think that I am more alive when I am in a state of peace. I have more time to embrace the loves in my life!

There is so much opportunity for spiritual growth during this quiet time. I mean, after the Netflix marathon is completed ;). I have been really focusing my time on making sure I am in alignment and listening to my intuition.

What exactly does that mean? Being in alignment. Gabrielle Bernstein explains it well, as taking, spiritually aligned action. "When you are aligned with the loving energy of the universe, you can be confident that you are moving in the right direction and that things are unfolding as they should."

So for me, when I am spiritual aligned, everything just seems to flow. My business, my family, my health. It’s like an overall sense of peace throughout my body and my environment. Like right now, no drama. Just calmness. Also, certain people and energies come my way that would feel like a coincidence, but is exactly supposed to happen. Everything is moving in one straight line from my light to the universe, from my light to another beings', and from my light to even the words I type on my computer.

When I am out of alignment, my body feels lethargic, like I am holding something inside that is too heavy for me to keep my heart lifted. I am constantly in my head, overwhelmed and just spinning, not getting anything done. I also consume too much tv and bad food.

Each morning I set an intention, “I am in alignment with my body and the universe.” This guides me to treat my body as a temple through food, exercise, meditation, workflow, etc. and that I am co-creating my life with the universe. This helps me feel connected, trustworthy and to allow the support and guidance of the universe.

Try it for yourself.

Start paying attention to how awesome it feels when you are in your flow and what it feels like when you are not.

What does it feel like when you are in alignment. When you feel connected to the presence of your power?

What does it feel like when you are disconnected from your power?

When you do feel out of alignment with your true self, acknowledge it and ask the universe and your inner guides to direct you back to your center. Back to love.

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