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The Queen of Our Body, The Glandular System

Let's talk body!

Too often we get blood work done, receive the results and really don't understand what they mean. When dealing with fertility, it's important to become familiar with the area of the body that might cause our fertility issues. 

I present to you... the endocrine system, the glandular system

Today is not a medical school class, we are sitting on your couch drinking a four stigmatic latte, having a casual conversation about the women's body. I am not a doctor, you are not a doctor, so let's stop pretending. ;)

Take a sip and hear me out!

My studies and understanding come from a favorite yoga teacher of mine, Guru Jaget's book, "Invincible Living."

Our glands are the keepers of youth!

The endocrine system is a collection of glands that secrete hormones. The major glands include the

- Thyroid

- Parathyroid

- Hypothalamus

- Adrenals

- Pancreas

- Sex Organs

- Pineal

All these glands are headed up by the master gland known as the, Pituitary Gland.

The pituitary gland is what controls all other glands. If the pituitary gland is balanced our whole body is balanced. Meaning, we feel more energized and vitalized. It rejuvenates our system, tunes our chakras, anti-aging occurs and our hormones are in balance. Our emotions, such as our behavior, thoughts, skin, and menstrual cycle are all in tune.

So, the job of the endocrine system is to trigger physiological processes, cellular growth, and emotional experiences through specific coded hormonal releases. Whatever emotion you are going through, it is considered a hormonal code. For example, if you are angry or depressed, that is a hormonal code running through your blood stream. When we go through something like a failed IVF cycle and we share the story or we haven't actually released the emotions around it like crying we are then creating the exact same biochemical reaction and subconscious reality as the original event. WOW! Well, that makes me not want to share any negative stories with anyone. I rather go cry it all out and release it through a reiki session.

Take another sip and let me tell you how with just a few tweaks you can completely alter your life.

According to Guru Jaget, the quickest way is to take a cold, I mean a cold shower! Once you read all the benefits you will suck it up and jump it.

- Detoxes organs

- Increases immune system

- Improves skin, erases wrinkles

- Activates cellular renewal

- Improves energy

- Strengthens nerves

- Brain alert

Also, another great thing to do is fast on specific lunar days.

New Moon, 4th Day of the Moon, 11th Day of the Moon, and the Full Moon. During these fasts it pulls on the water i the body in a highly specific way. When we mean fasting, Guru Jaget is referring to liquid fasting, juicing.

And of course, integrating pranayama, yoga and meditation into your daily routine.

***Adi Shakti song by Nirinjan Kaur

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