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Why Having an Open First Chakra is So Important For Fertility

It's raining here. I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window watching the raindrops fall onto the deck. My eyes move up to a big lush tree (not sure what kind of tree it is, but it's big)! Beyond the tree is a creek that runs through our yard. I am still in awe of the landscape I now see daily. I know it might be lame to most who live outside of Florida, but for me, I am instantly taken back to my childhood in suburbia Philadelphia. The carefree life that mother nature wrapped around me. The summers of tag and hide and seek with the neighborhood kids eating Disney popsicles after dinner. 

This is where my baby wants to grow up. She/He brought us here. Tennessee was never in the cards for me. I couldn't even tell you where it was on the map, let alone that it was in the central time zone. 

I finally feel grounded. I have a home. My foundation feels strong. It's like my childhood self has been reborn and I am ready to embrace MY life again. There is this new energy inside my heart, my soul that has opened me up to possibilities again that I forgot existed. Remember when you were getting ready for college or about to conquer the world. The confidence and knowing that life is on your side??? That is how I feel!

The reason I wanted to share this with you is for you to start thinking about your existence right now. Your foundation (First Chakra), your fire for life. I want to mention to you that I feel like I wasted five years of my life living in Miami, but that is my ego talking. My soul will tell you otherwise. I grew so much, I learned more things about myself than I ever wanted to know, this is where my fertility journey began. The emotions and situations created more strength and trust in myself than anything else had for so long. Although I was unhappy, scared, angry, and overwhelmed, I was exactly where I was supposed to be so I can sit here right not and embrace this moment with such gratitude and confidence knowing that my baby is on his/her way. And, that my Goddess Momma Sister is why your journey right now matters. For some reason, you must go through this and in some time you will understand why.

For now, honor yourself. Honor your beautiful body and womb. Give yourself a big hug and tell yourself you are strong, healthy, and full of love. There are so many ways for you to go deeper on your journey to except and appreciate this path. Let me guide you...

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Sending love and support on your journey to mommahood.





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